Featured : Still Blooming In The Whirlwind – via NewsOne

Myself and Michael Chapman of Guardians Of Sound are featured in here, along with other fellow amazing Pittsburgh artists we all know!

Be sure to check this out and read the article (video is at the top of the article afte rthe ad). More from this and the The Pittsburgh Foundation to come! #salute #grateful

Read and Watch : Here

1 thought on “Featured : Still Blooming In The Whirlwind – via NewsOne”

  1. dianne wessell

    Ma salaams! Very impressive! I didn’t know Pittsburgh has such an incredible history of representation in dance/ music/ visual arts. This NEWSONE feature helps showcase that history, and put the featured recipients within that backdrop. Also appreciated how the Foundation keeps that voice present with all the artists featured, KUDOS to you and Michael for being recognized for the work you do.
    I worked in human services for 30+ years and at times felt like I was swimming against a never ending tide, like my work lacked impact. I’m sure you can feel like that, too, especially since working in the arts is underfunded and definitely underappreciated.
    KUDOS to the Foundation for breaking thru that tide, and for spotlighting so many different kinds of art…. And especially for focusing on Black artists within those genres.

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