"tilted" - Behind the Scenes

“tilted” is the upcoming Hip Hop album from SoulMan IT, (Idasa Tariq)

Started around the same time SoulMan started working on “Ramadan In Babylon”, “tilted” explores the concept of “life is battle royale”.

In unpacking battle royale’s history, a game which African-Americans were encouraged or forced to fight at festivals in a ring in a last man standing match, SoulMan expresses this is now the mentality we have been conditioned to have in society.

In this “everyone for themselves” headset while the World is torn in genocidal wars, “tilted” has become SoulMan’s sonic canvas and radio to connect back to the essence and idea of “hope”. In a a tilted system which has left everyone “tilted”.

Below are some tracks and previous song version from the upcoming album. Enjoy!

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