Over the years, my music, my music identity and myself have changed. A lot. And still miraculously found a way to stay inside this same body. 

Here on this page you’ll find my current work, as ya man, SoulMan IT. But you will also find my previous releases when I released music under my born-name, Idasa Tariq

Because without Idasa Tariq, there is no SoulMan IT. This new found change is still a work in progress and adapting to, but I’m happy and healthier for making the clear distinction between who I am as a person and who I am as a personality, even if some of the world or locally doesn’t agree. 

I hope you enjoy. Happy and fruitful listening.

Now available on

Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Twitch, YouTube Music, TikTok, Amazon Music, Audiomack and most of your favortie streaming platforms.

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