“We Do It To Each Other” – The Self-Checkout Line – Episode 02

Thank you to those who reached out, called or video chatted with me since the last episode.

This show will always be bigger than me and more than about me, I am just using myself as a proper vessel.

Hopefully that is seen.

This episode deals how we all push each other to want to check out. And how I’m saying, “don’t”. Also touches on how at some point, you may just have to walk away in order for harm to stop being caused to you or for you to stop causing harm to others. And how not everyone wants to have an honest conversation with that, and how even that is crippling others.

Just trying to find ways of having hope and inspiring others, even when I don’t feel like I have it in me some/most days. Just like you, probably.

Stay well. Stay blessed and count them if you can. If you never have, learn this thing called gratitude today. God’s speed be with you. Peace y’all

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