Checking In w/ Paradise Gray of X CLAN – The Self-Checkout Line – Episode 03

* Thank you to those who reached out, called or video chatted with me since the last episode. This show will always be bigger than me and more than about me, I am just using myself as a proper vessel.

Hopefully that is seen. *

This episode is a conversation with one of my and your Hip Hop Elders, Brother Paradise Gray of X CLAN. Dise and I have known each other since 2008 (damn that’s long! lol), and he’s one of my mentors and people that have never gave up on me even when I constantly give up on myself.

This year has been heavy in a way that can’t be expressed all the time in the ways we want to, where it comes off “right”. Especially when we are “not right”, haven’t been right, living in a space and time that has felt wrong for some time, and can’t see to find the right thing while everyone shouts “RIGHT!” but all we see is “FIGHT!”. Someone like Paradise Gray, during the holy month of Ramadan, reminding this wandering Afro Muslim lad about the power of “WRITE” and “RECITE”.

May Allah be pleased with Paradise Gray and his efforts, striving and struggling to reach all of us in the grey space, or the “dune and desert” as my Baba would call it.

Hopefully hearing our convo doesn’t make you want to self-checkout, like it helped for me. And inshaAllah, next week them “waves of emotions, voices and vibrations” won’t be so loud that I find myself here for the wrong reasons. And see how we wrong ourselves, and it is Allah who is truly the only one who can get us right. Ameen, Oxe (to Allah)

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