Single – “Life Is Battle Royale”

Released this back in 2022 when life and people started hardening a year-plus into The Great Cough. Juxtapose that with 2018’s beginning rise of the game-theory known as “battle royale” and some of it’s forgotten roots in America, I saw that we were all moving towards a ‘last man standing’ mentality.

This thought and observation is what led to the shaping of the upcoming album “tilted”, and this song. As the first verse states, I wrote this song on the back of my eviction letter I got at that time. You can hear the vibe in the original song.

With recent events around the world, losing family members and watching others lose close ones, feeling the hardness we are all sharing more and more of, and this is all during Ramadan; I went back to the lab and made a more soulful jam for the backdrop.

(2022 version below)

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