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My Health

I do not know how to write posts or things like this concerning my health. And I could be way better at opening up and all of that, but we all play things close to the chest. So here it goes.  Just for context, I moved back to Pittsburgh in 2013, and since then had […]

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“While You Were Schoolin’ Me” (Hip Hop Spoken Word)

A piece I wrote about the oblivious teacher from the mouth of a more than observant fellow student (me). Speaking the words my peers had that day, but the teacher never earned the right to hear. May the students we teach, always feel and know they are heard. Composed by @dotan_bergmanProduced by @freshairflavor #pittsburghhiphop #binghamtonhiphop#schooling #blackeducation #whileyouwereschoolinme https://youtu.be/P3eyn-nCevU

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